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#1 Comment on Genesis 1:1
So thankful for this site - what a rich resource and blessing for students of the Word! God bless you.
- grateful me (5/20/2019 1:35:58 AM) []

#2 Comment on 2 Peter 1:14
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- Arush Agarwal (11/8/2018 3:27:56 AM)

#3 Comment on Song of Songs 5:8
Part of the reason why the Ruach HaKodesh instructed John on Patmos in AD 96 to write Revelation 18:4,5 is because He knew the adversary, Satan, would use the translator to incorrectly translate Matthew's original Aramaic writings into Greek deleting the words, ...and the bride out of Matthew 25:1. It is clear in Matthew 25:1-13 the five wise virgins go out to meet he groom and the bride. This proves the bride will "return" from the wedding ceremony with Yeshua fulfilling Luke 12:36 and that the 5 wise who go out to meet the groom and the bride, they will not be given in marriage proven in Mark 12:25. This can be further proved in the original Hebrew of Isaiah 54:5 and in the original Greek translations of 2 Corinthians 11:2. Paul clearly wrote in 2 Corinthians 11:2 that the many members of the body of Christ would be espoused to one husband as chaste virgins, not chaste husbands and wives. There is 1 wife mentioned in Revelation 19:7 which can be further verified with 1 Timothy 3:2. Husband in the Greek translation means to be Lord or husband over, and to be a husband to one wife. Satan knew that 2 Corinthians 11:2 would be incorrectly interpreted if the bride was deleted out of Matthew 25:1. This is why John wrote a warning in Revelation 18:4,5 to come out of the church building system, to stop being a partaker of her sins and to stop receiving of her plagues. Matthew's original Aramaic Gospel was written around AD 70 shortly around the time the 2nd temple was destroyed. John wrote Revelation on Patmos in AD 26 roughly 26 years after Matthew's Gospel was written and mis-translated.
It is clear that husband in both the Greek and in the Hebrew means to be LORD over and to be a Husband of one wife. John never wrote husbands and wives in Revelation 19:7-9, he wrote wife in the singular tense. You are not rightly dividing the word of truth, it is clear you are puffed up with pride and in total violation of 2 Timothy 2:15 and Mark 8:38 where it is clear that when the rapture happens, the Spirit and the Bride will say come (Revelation 22:17) when Yeshua returns FROM the Wedding with His Bride so the 5 wise will go out to meet them fulfilling Matthew 25:1 in Aramaic in Plain English Translation. These 5 wise are proven to NOT be given in marriage according to Mark 12:25. It is very clear according to Luke 24:44 that Yeshua would fulfill ALL Scripture concerning Him, and this would definitely also include Proverbs 31 by having 1 Proverbs 31 woman. The Word of Elohim is not bound Paul wrote to Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:19. Quit spreading deception these very last days, it is clear the Ruach HaKodesh will guide the 5 wise into ALL truth and show them things to come (John 16:13.) Shalom.
- Andrea Suzanne (2/2/2019 12:28:21 AM)

#4 Comment on Galatians 6:11
This is in reference to the student's post on this verse. My thought of this verse is that “the large letters by his own hand” refers not to the length of the epistle written of his revelation of Jesus Christ and concern for the Galatian believers (or in fact any of the other churches), but the oversized letters he used in his closing signature and blessing was due to his eyesight. This can be traced back to his testimony of love which the Galatians had for him, and were ready, “if possible to have plucked out their eyes and given them to him” (Gal. 4:15). The physical needs of those serving the church and pouring themselves out to our wonderful Savior Jesus Christ should be considered by us, and cared for as much is possible, as we are led by the Lord. This is the mutual care in the Body of Christ for one another (Gal. 6:6).
- Frank Pytel (11/5/2018 6:41:17 PM)

#5 Comment on Song of Songs 5:10
In Revelation 7:9-10, there is a vast host which could not be numbered. These all stood around the throne of God with the Lamb as their center. There was a single Lamb with an uncountable multitude of saved ones. Even among such a multitude the Lamb could not be lost sight of for He is the preeminent One – the chief One among an innumerable multitude. He stands above all in regard to His Person, His accomplishments, and His attainments. Although He is far above all, each one in this vast multitude is vitally connected with Him for their salvation! Each one of them has a testimony of union and fellowship with the lovely Lamb! “My beloved is the chiefest among ten thousand” – Song of Songs 5:10.

- Frank Pytel, "The Two Become One" (10/11/2018 4:40:38 AM)

#6 Comment on Jeremiah 31:6
Jeremiah 31:6 Forums Online 31:6 For x3588 there shall be 3426 a day, 3117 [that] the watchmen 5341 z8802 upon the mount 2022 ´Efrayim אֶפרַיִם 669 shall cry, 7121 z8804 Arise 6965 z8798 ye, and let us go up 5927 z8799 to Xiyyôn צִיּוֹן 6726 unto x413 Yähwè יָהוֶה 3068 our ´Élöhîm the word watchmen 5341 נֹצְרִים put into a modern day hebrew translator this word translates (נֹצְרִים Christians) Jeremiah 31:6 Forums Online 31:6 For x3588 there shall be 3426 a day, 3117 [that] the (Christians) 5341 z8802 upon the mount 2022 ´Efrayim אֶפרַיִם 669 shall cry, 7121 z8804 Arise 6965 z8798 ye, and let us go up 5927 z8799 to Xiyyôn צִיּוֹן 6726 unto x413 Yähwè יָהוֶה 3068 our ´Élöhîm
- dd (12/4/2018 6:08:52 PM)

#7 Comment on Judges 6:12
I appreciated your thought on Gideon. It is amazing the potentials that God has for us in His eternal plan! May we look away from our natural views with all our introspection and excuses and give Him the full way to work out in our lives that which is for His pleasure and purpose!
- Frank Pytel, "The Two Become One" (2/7/2019 8:18:01 AM)

#8 Comment on Song of Songs 5:13
“His lips like lilies, dropping sweet smelling myrrh” – Song of Songs 5:13b. The “lips” of our Beloved Christ display His smile. A hymn writer wrote the line, “His gracious smile is our reward, we love, we love Thee Lord”. Despite so many attacks of the enemy, so many discouragements, and times when we felt like giving up, our pathway and journey to glory is often cheered by the loving smile of His lips!
- Frank Pytel, "The Two Become One" (11/7/2018 5:33:42 AM)

#9 Comment on 1 Chronicles 6:30
- Spencer (5/12/2019 11:54:48 PM)

#10 Comment on Song of Songs 5:15
“His countenance is as Lebanon, excellent as the cedars” – Song of Songs 5:15. In Song of Songs 5:10-16, the bride relates so many items of the beauty and glory of her Bridegroom. How can she describe Him in such a detailed way? The whole excellence and elevation of His Person are known because of the intimacy of love. Because of love, her eyes have been opened with the power to see what others cannot see. Our absolute surrender and consecration to Him through love unveils our eyes to see His beauty and glory. Lord Jesus, I want to surrender all and consecrate myself to you. Show me your countenance, appear to me as you are!

- Frank Pytel, "The Two Become One" (11/30/2018 6:00:52 AM)

#11 Comment on Song of Songs 5:16
“His mouth is most sweet” – Song of Songs 5:16. When apostle John wrote his second letter to the lovers of Christ, he closed it with the thought that soon he would be with them and be able to speak “mouth to mouth” to them (2 John 1:12). It is far better to speak “mouth to mouth” or face to face with the ones you love. The precious Word of God is our daily delight, but when the written words become the words of “His mouth” there is an unspeakable joy and comfort from Him! It is at this time that His words unveil His face.
- Frank Pytel, "The Two Become One" (12/7/2018 5:16:42 AM)

#12 Comment on Proverbs 30:4
Another reference to THE Son: Psalm 2:12 Kiss the Son...
Also see Zech. 13:7 and Psalm 110:1. Please post any others you find - thanks, and blessings to you!
- Hinneh (1/11/2019 5:23:01 AM)

#13 Comment on Micah 6:8
Matthew 5:10-12 Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. 12 Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.
Hebrews 12:11 Now no chastening seems to be joyful for the present, but painful; nevertheless, afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.
Proverbs 12:1 Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge,
But he who hates correction is stupid.
Proverbs 15:32 He who disdains instruction despises his own soul, but he who heeds rebuke gets understanding.
- Andrea Suzanne (2/3/2019 7:50:46 PM)

#14 Comment on Galatians 1:8
body of Christ...
- be blest (5/13/2019 11:50:48 AM) []

#15 Comment on Song of Songs 6:4
Sad,look at me.bad.all his songs.dont cry
- xxx (4/8/2019 9:19:22 AM)

#16 Comment on Song of Songs 6:5
It is nice to note that Strong's Hebrew number 6777 means woman's veil or a wedding veil a woman wears when getting married. Just as Rebekah wore a veil when she was brought forth to Isaac, so the Bride of Christ will wear a veil when she is brought to Yeshua in the 1st watch, when Yeshua cries out: "Rise up My love, My fair one and come away!" In Matthew 25:1 in Aramaic version, it is wonderful to know that the five wise will go out to meet the groom and the bride when they return from the wedding fulfilling Luke 12:36 during either the 2nd watch or the 3rd watch (Luke 12:35-40). The fascinating thing to note about woman's veil, is that it matches the 6,777th verse in the New Testament from Matthew 1:1. Titus 2:13 is every born again believer's blessed hope of the coming of our Great Elohim, our Father YHWH and our Adonai and Savior Yeshua HaMashiach blessed hope, their glorious coming!! When the Spirit and the Bride say "Come," those who are humble and wise, who make up the body of Christ will be able to go out to meet them.
Matthew 25:1 Aramaic in Plain English Then the Kingdom of Heaven will be compared to ten virgins; the same took their lamps and went to meet the groom and the bride. 2 But five of them were wise and five were foolish.
Revelation 22:17 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.
- Andrea Suzanne (3/7/2019 11:37:52 PM)

#17 Comment on Song of Songs 6:6
“Your teeth” – S. of S. 6:6. Christ admires the teeth of His bride with her ability to partake of the unlimited riches of His Person. In her spiritual maturity she feeds upon Christ as solid food, whereas others can only drink of Him as milk as they begin to love and pursue Him.
- Frank Pytel, The Two Become One (3/18/2019 6:25:42 PM)

#18 Comment on Isaiah 29:4
"Is not My word like fire?" declares the LORD, "and like a hammer which shatters a rock?

- dd (3/21/2018 5:59:13 AM)

#19 Comment on Isaiah 54:15
54:15 Behold, they shall surely gather together, [but] not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake. 54:15 If you(can) 2005 behold 2009 I 0595 create 1254 manufacturers artificer inventors. 2790 (literally, to inflate,5301 in 9004 fire 0784 to make ash 6352 and 9007 that bringeth forth 3318 apparatus 3627 his transaction 4639 and 9007 I 0595 create 1254 the waster 7843 to 9009 to destroy ( Atom BOMB ?
- usa (1/15/2019 10:41:47 AM)

#20 Comment on Song of Songs 6:9
“the daughters saw her” – S. of S. 6:9. The bride was the hidden pleasure of the heart of Christ before time, yet after HIs death and resurrection, His believers were manifested to be the same as He, for to harass or oppress the believers was to persecute Jesus – Acts 9:1-5.
- Frank Pytel, "The Two Become One" (3/30/2019 5:08:19 PM)

#21 Comment on Song of Songs 6:10
“She is as an army with banners” – S. of S. 6:10. The banners of the bride are unfurled to testify of her many triumphs over hostile enemies which tried to damage her intimate fellowship of love with Christ. Like her, “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ” – Rom. 8:35.
- Frank Pytel, "The Two Become One" (4/18/2019 4:24:03 AM)

#22 Comment on Song of Songs 6:11
“I went to see if the vine flourished” – S. of S. 6:11. The bride discerns the work of God and inspects the fruitfulness of many loving seekers who are in vital union and fellowship with the true Vine. By their dynamic outflow of abiding in the Son, the Father is glorified.
- Frank Pytel, "The Two Become One" (5/10/2019 6:21:33 AM)

#23 Comment on 2 Samuel 7:14
The Son cannot commit iniquity as it would negate the sacrifice of the perfect lamb. The mistranslated term is "asher", the relational Hebrew term which conveys the association between iniquity and the Son. The wording should be "when iniquity is associated with him..." That of course is the magnificent plan from the beginning. Yahowah would take on the iniquity of man, doing the work Himself as the set apart, diminished manifestation of the Son in human form.
- James (5/11/2019 3:46:55 PM) []

#24 Comment on Song of Songs 6:13
“Two armies” – S. of S. 6:13. The bride bears the presence of God as not seen before. She reigns with the victorious Christ in an atmosphere of the authority of disciplined armies having spiritual power. “We use God’s mighty weapons to knock down the strongholds of human reason."
- Frank Pytel, "The Two Become One" (5/22/2019 5:32:52 PM)

#25 Comment on Proverbs 1:4
Posted this just to get rid of the last newest user posted comment.
- Just here (1/5/2018 8:21:28 PM)

#26 Comment on Isaiah 49:1
Jeremiah 4:15 For a voice declareth from Dän and publisheth affliction from mount Efrayim Jeremiah 4:16 Make ye mention 2142 z8685 to the nations; 1471 behold, x2009 publish 8085 z8685 against x5921 Yærûšälaim יְרוּשָׁלִַם, 3389 [that] watchers 5341 z8802 come 935 z8802 from a far 4801 country, 776 x4480 and give out 5414 z8799 their voice 6963 against x5921 the cities 5892 of Yæhûðà hebrew 5341 נֹצְרִים put this spelling into modern hebrew translater נֹצְרִים Christians. 4:16 Make ye mention 2142 z8685 to the nations; 1471 behold, x2009 publish 8085 z8685 against x5921 Yærûšälaim יְרוּשָׁלִַם, 3389 [that] watchers נֹצְרִים Christians 5341 z8802 come 935 z8802 from a far 4801 country, 776 x4480 and give out 5414 z8799 their voice 6963 against x5921 the cities 5892 of Yæhûðà 4:17 As keepers 8104 z8802 of a field, 7704 are x1961 they against x5921 her round about; 5439 x4480 because x3588 she hath been rebellious 4784 z8804 against me, saith 5002 z8803 Yähwè Isaiah 48:1יָ Hear ye this, O house of Jacob, which are called by the name of Israel, and are come forth out of the waters of Judah, which swear by the name of the Lord, and make mention of the God of Israel, but not in truth, nor in righteousness.Isaiah 48:6 Thou hast heard, 8085 z8804 see 2372 z8798 all x3605 this; and will not x3808 ye x859 declare 5046 z8686 [it]? I have shewed 8085 z8689 thee new things 2319 from this time, 6258 x4480 even hidden things, 5341 z8803 and thou didst not x3808 know 3045 z8804 them. even hidden things, 5341 נְצֻרוֹת modern hebrew translater נְצֻרוֹת Christianity Isaiah 48:6 Thou hast heard, 8085 z8804 see 2372 z8798 all x3605 this; and will not x3808 ye x859 declare 5046 z8686 [it]? I have shewed 8085 z8689 thee new things 2319 from this time, 6258 x4480 even { נְצֻרוֹת Christianity,} 5341 z8803 and thou didst not x3808 know 3045 z8804 them 7 They are created now, and not from the beginning; even before the day when thou heardest them not; lest thou shouldest say, Behold, I knew them. Isaiah 49:6 And he said, Is it a light thing that thou shouldest be my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob, and to restore the "preserved of Israel:" I will also give thee for a light to the Gentiles, that thou mayest be "my salvation" unto the end of the earth. This remarkable passage is obviously messianic. Especially since the one spoken of is to be the "light of the Gentiles" and salvation is to the ends of the earth. What is not obvious is the Hebrew use of words in this verse. The return of the "preserved" of Israel is another of Isaiah's use of the Nazarene words in messianic contexts of which this is one Preserved of Israel is notsrey yisrael. This would be rendered "Nazarenes or as the more common modern Jewish usage, "Christians of Israel."The Hebrew here literally says :"I give you as a light to the Gentiles to be my yeshua' to the end of the earth." The Hebrew form is the name of Jesus or Yeshua. The coincidence is startling when this verse is read in Hebrew. "Is your being my servant to establish the tribes of Jacob and restore the Israeli Nazarenes("Christians of Israel) a light thing, when I have also given you as a light of the Gentiles to be my Jesus to the ends of the earth." Make what you will of this verse but that is what it says.This construction is precisely what a modern Hebrew writer would use to say "Christians are coming from a far country. "Notsriym ba'iym me'erets ha-mer-chaq" If this construction were in an Israeli newspaper it would be read as "Christians are coming from a far country." The phrase ('al yerushalam) is translated "against Jerusalem." This construction does not necessarily imply an attack. It could just as easily be translated in or upon Jerusalem and the latter phrase in the verse would be "in the cities of Judah." In that case the verse would read "Remind the nations, behold, cause it to be heard in Jerusalem, Nazarenes (Christians) are coming from a far land and they will give their voices upon the cities of Judah."
- dd (2/6/2019 12:38:41 PM)

#27 Comment on Psalms 22:6
When the female of the scarlet worm species was ready to give birth to her young, she would attach her body to the trunk of a tree, fixing herself so firmly and permanently that she would never leave again. The eggs deposited beneath her body were thus protected until the larvae were hatched and able to enter their own life cycle. As the mother died, the crimson fluid stained her body and the surrounding wood. From the dead bodies of such female scarlet worms, the commercial scarlet dyes of antiquity were extracted.
What a picture this gives of Christ, dying on the tree,
shedding His precious blood that He might "bring many sons unto glory" (Heb. 2:10)! He died for us, that we might live through Him!
- (1/19/2019 4:44:56 PM) []

#28 Comment on 1 Kings 13:23
are you lieing to god when two people get a divorce
- hiiiiii (2/17/2017 9:21:31 PM)

#29 Comment on Hosea 3:4
- les. (9/12/2017 3:40:10 AM) []

#30 Comment on Isaiah 34:14
Contraception, homosexuality, and masturbation are similar, and Isaiah 34:14 probably refers to these three practices, respectively, as demonical.
- Robert K U (5/15/2019 8:16:46 PM)

#31 Comment on Zechariah 14:2
Clearly Jerusalem is a cup of trembling at this point, and we know that when we see Jerusalem compassed with armies (Luke 21:20; Zechariah 12:2,3) we know nations will be against Jerusalem and the Jewish people will go forth into captivity when the houses rifled, and the women ravished fulfilling Zechariah 14:2. Please, I realize many of us have differences in interpreting prophetic scriptures, but Gaza border riots have been going on every weekend since March 30th, Trump is ready to present the peace plan to part the land of Israel soon, right around the Israeli Elections on April 9th, and a very well known Rabbi prophesied that the Messiah of Zechariah 14, who we know to be Yeshua, would be here BEFORE the Israeli Elections... If this is true, we are running out of time!! Please, if you are a serious watcher, please read this.
- Andrea Suzanne (2/4/2019 9:35:30 PM) []

#32 Comment on Proverbs 22:8
I'm glad you posted this comment. One morning in 2018 I woke up with the verse on my mind "though your sins be as SCARLET they shall be white as snow and I wondered if the word scarlet was just referring to a color or something more and it refers to that same worm in Psalm 22:6!
Jesus identified with this worm. I really believe that when Adam and Eve sinned, satan said they are ruined. I will permanently dye them with my red stain of sin and they will be ruined forever. The blood of Jesus undid the stain and made us white as snow! Justified - Just as if I'd never sinned! 011919
- Brudder Juan (1/19/2019 6:29:05 PM)

#33 Comment on Acts 2:47
between the critical text and the revived text saying should be saved and were saved.
the church.

after doing something before that asked what shall we do?
believe repent and be baptized.

to dip or plunge under bury.

- briqwest (1/13/2019 10:55:34 AM) []

#34 Comment on Daniel 4:12

- klodian (2/24/2017 9:08:26 AM)

#35 Comment on Ezekiel 40:49
I would love to know why some Bible versions translates the porch dimensions as 20 by 11 cubits and other versions translates it 20 by 12 cubits? I thought the translations were from the original text. If that is true, how can there be a discrepancy? Numbers are absolutes. They are not subjective and thus might be interpreted differently.
- Tyrone E Wilson (5/11/2019 11:43:06 AM)

#36 Comment on 2 Thessalonians 2:2
how do I minimize the comment column? it takes up over half of the page.
- teresa (8/4/2018 8:06:24 PM) - Commentary Bible Forum

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