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It takes one person to create, hence "let there be light" or "let the earth bring forth trees etc" but it take a MALE and FEMALE to PROcreate, hence "let US create man in our image..." MALE and FEMALE, Elohim created them...I think the creator here had a female consort which is why he had to ask him - honey now let us have children. "God's image" is very ambiguous and pretty much every Christian has a different understanding but if I stick to the text in Genesis, I think Elohim (Male god and Female god) created mankind in their Male and Female image. This will also explain the fact that Elohim is pural, or gods.
- Christian (8/7/2016 10:33:12 AM) []
WHAT IS THE HEBREW WORD FOR "image" in Genesis 1:26?

God bless!
- Elmer (10/14/2015 9:17:43 AM)
god creator-manflesh-man will-man multiplae-man love-high creation-give dominion-lost dominion-give to satan-tented jesus-jesus redimer-jesuswill judge-kindom give to the creator.
- andres disciple. (12/29/2014 8:29:11 PM) []
Elohim said, "Let US make man in OUR image ... My Question who is "US?" Father & Son ??
- Marilyn C (11/29/2012 9:33:35 PM)

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