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I believe God. The Bible declares that God said: "Light, be. And light was. (EBR) so my effort must be to understand the statement -- so let's consider creation.

Could anything be created without first defining "LIGHT" (the electromagnetic spectrum). Keeping it simple, would an artist begin a painting without defining, and collecting, his colors first. So the question becomes: "Would God NOT create (define) His pallet before attempting to do anything with it?" I believe it's perfectly logical and absolutely right that God first defined light... then used this definition in all His creation. God started by defining how everything should be perceived then designed man to perceive things as HE wanted.

I admit that stars came after the definition of light but can anyone tell me how the multiple trillions of unique stars in the trillions of galaxies could have been created without first defining every detail of the energies they radiate? How could the earth, plants, animals, or man be created without first designing how they should be perceived and how they should intern perceive? Think... different animals and insects perceive their surroundings according to their individual needs. One must be incapable of thought to accept the lie that this happened by accident. It was all designed and the definition of LIGHT (the electromagnetic spectrum) had to come first!!!

- a Valiant Son (3/2/2018 11:04:02 AM)
The Hebrew word for Light in
Genesis 1:3

Light = א֑וֹר

א֑ = Aleph:
Ox, Bull, Gentle, Tame, The Leader, Strength, Adonai, What is First?
וֹ = Vaw:
A nail, a peg, a hook, joining together, making secure, becoming bound(nailed to)
ר = Reysh:
A head, a person, what is the highest, most important, Chief

The sun had yet to be created (occurs in Gen 1:15) but God said let there be light so it cannot refer to physical light. Then if it was a spiritual darkness that was dispelled upon the earth by God ordering light to enter the world then was He not proclaiming the unity between Himself and His own son. Was that His declaration?
So imbedded in this unique form of the Hebrew word for light first time the word light was used in Godís Word seems to declare the victory of the firstborn of the family of God His Son our Lord and Christ
This is the ancient picture for Aleph and it stands for Adonai which means Father and Lord and has a force behind it which has a connotation of the Highest Power.

So this Vaw joins the first and last character. The original picture representing a tent peg can stand for joining together, making secure, or nailed to and it is the most visually similar picture to a cross.

The last picture that became the Reysh in the Hebrew language is a picture of the head of a man and implies the most important Chief or physical leader of a family.

So it is my assertion after great studying that this three character Hebrew word encapsulates the entire story of Salvation and Godís promise toward us. It includes a prophecy and a declaration of Godís infinite power just as the smallest elements of matter that make up the physical universe always testify of Godís design and power.

This one Word just as Jesus is spoken of as the Word of God in John 1:1 and the light being the light of men. The very first order of business at the advent of His creation and His story He declared the beginning and the end, the union and victory of His Son on our behalves. To look into the depth of the beauty of our God is the spring of our hope in Him.

- William Shelton (11/9/2017 5:56:11 PM) []
Comments 8 and 9 If I was God, I would love to have you two in Heaven.
- Jerome (4/5/2015 4:48:32 AM)
God, He made darkness, He made it to show the difference in day and night and it was good. I can sleep better.
- Jerry (4/5/2015 4:02:21 AM)

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