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re gen 15:6, it's explained in gal 3: 6, 8, 14. the scripture forsees the justification of the heathen by FAITH; that the gentiles might rcv the promise of the spirit thru FAITH. vs 5 asks if the spirit was supplied and miracles worked by the law or FAITH--vs 6 quotes gen 15:6, where the word BELIEVED indicates FAITH...resulting in righteousness. it's thru JESUS that the blessing of abraham comes on the gentiles, that we might rcv the promise of the spirit.
a grand plan. :))
- judy (8/23/2008 4:26:50 PM) []
Abram is praising the righteousness of Yahweh in this verse for the promises He made in the preceding verses.
- Tom (8/8/2008 7:05:55 PM) []

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