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Genesis 9:22-23
and he saw #7200 ra'ah {raw-aw'}; Verb - Qal; to see, look at, inspect, perceive, consider
Ham #2526 Cham {khawm}; Noun; Ham = "hot"
the father; #0001 'ab {avb}; Noun - Masculine; father of an individual, of God as father of his people, head or founder of a household, group, family, or clan, ancestor. However, here the noun is used in the 1 person common singular and it could be masc. or fem. So if this was directed at Noach why use (avi) instead of father the masculine (av)? I suggest that this is the case because Kena`an {ken-ah'-an} is in reference to a nation, people or country and wasnt meant as a blemish on Ham pertaining to His 4th son. So, what we possibly see here is a prophetic passage concerning the line of Ham. If it were meant for Kena`an, He would have been the one to look upon this metaphoric drunken state of his grandfather. But the passage tells us that his father Cham looked and is suggested that he despised his fathers nudity. Then, when Noach awoke he knew what the youngest son had done. How could Noach have known when he was in an unconscious drunken condition? Only by divine inspiration could he have known of the act and then give his prophetic message of Kena`ans enslavement by his older brothers. This proposed rendition of the deeds that ensued is unlikely not found in what most commentaries will suggest. Most will conclude that Kena`an is the one who viewed Noachs condition but when we look at the account, it distinctively conveys otherwise. Cham, the youngest son has the bad character in this story not Kena`an. However, this isnt Kena`an the villain man but Kena`an the nation, land or peoples of his ancestry.
#3667 Kena`an {ken-ah'-an}; Canaan = "lowland"

- Revgrad (9/14/2017 8:31:25 AM)

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