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Six Cities of Refuge

1 Then the LORD° spoke° to Joshua°, saying°, 2 “Speak° to the sons° of Israel°, saying°, ‘IDesignate° athe cities° of refuge°, of which° I spoke° to you IIthrough° Moses°, 3 that the manslayer° who Ikills° any person° unintentionally°, without° premeditation°, may flee° there°, and they shall become° your refuge° from the avenger° of blood°. 4 He shall flee° to one° of these° cities°, and shall stand° at the entrance° of the agate° of the city° and state° his case° in the hearing° of the elders° of that city°; and they shall Itake° him into the city° to them and give° him a place°, so that he may dwell° among° them. 5 Now aif° the avenger° of blood° pursues° him, then they shall not deliver° the manslayer° into his hand°, because° he struck° his neighbor° without° premeditation° and did not hate° him beforehand°°°. 6 He shall dwell° in that city° auntil° he stands° before° the congregation° for judgment°, until° the death° of the one who° is high° priest° in those° days°. Then° the manslayer° shall Ireturn°° to his own city° and to his own house°, to the city° from which° he fled°.’”

[2] ILit Set for yourselves IILit by the hand of aNu 35:6-34; Dt 4:41-43; 19:2ff
[3] ILit smites
[4] ILit gather aRu 4:1; Jb 5:4; Jr 38:7
[5] aNu 35:12
[6] ILit return and come aNu 35:12

7 ¶ So they Iset° apart° aKedesh° in IIGalilee° in the hill° country° of Naphtali° and Shechem° in the hill° country° of Ephraim°, and Kiriath-arba° (that is, Hebron°) in bthe hill° country° of Judah°. 8 Beyond° the Jordan° east° of Jericho°, they Idesignated° Bezer° in the wilderness° on the plain° from the tribe° of Reuben°, and Ramoth° in Gilead° from the tribe° of Gad°, and Golan° in Bashan° from the tribe° of Manasseh°. 9 aThese° were the appointed° cities° for all° the sons° of Israel° and for the stranger° who sojourns° among° them, that whoever° Ikills° any person° unintentionally° may flee° there°, and not die° by the hand° of the avenger° of blood° until° he stands° before° the congregation°.

[7] ILit sanctified IIHeb Galil aJsh 21:32; 1Ch 6:76 bJsh 21:11; Lk 1:39
[8] ILit set
[9] ILit smites aNu 35:13ff

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God commandeth,

1 ¶ The LORDº also spakeºª unto² Joshua,º saying,ºª 2 Speakºª to² the childrenº of Israel,º saying,ºª Appoint² out¹ª for you² citiesº of refuge,º whereof² I spakeºª unto² you by the handº of Moses:º 3 That the slayerºª that killethºª [any] personº unawaresº [and] unwittinglyº² may fleeºª thither:² and they shall be² your refugeº from the avengerºª² of blood.º 4 And when he that doth fleeºª unto² oneº of those² citiesº² shall standºª at the enteringº of the gateº of the city,º and shall declareºª² his causeº in the earsº of the eldersº of that² city,º they shall takeºª him into the cityº unto them, and giveºª² him a place,º that he may dwellºª among² them. 5 And if² the avengerºª of bloodº pursueºª afterº him, then they shall not² deliverºª² the slayerºª up into his hand;º because² he smoteºª² his neighbourº unwittingly,ºº and hatedºª him not² beforetime.ºº 6 And he shall dwellºª in that² city,º until² he standºª beforeº the congregationº for judgment,º [and] until² the deathº of the highº priestº thatº shall be² in those² days:º then² shall the slayerºª return,ºª and comeºª unto² his own city,º and unto² his own house,º unto² the cityº from whence²²² he fled.ºª

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and the children of Israel appoint the six cities of refuge.

7 ¶ And they appointedºª² Kedeshº in Galileeº in mountº Naphtali,º and Shechemº in mountº Ephraim,º and Kirjatharba,º which² [is] Hebron,º in the mountainº of Judah.º 8 And on the other sideº² Jordanº by Jerichoº eastward,º they assignedºª² Bezerº in the wildernessº upon the plainº out of the tribeº² of Reuben,º and Ramothº in Gileadº out of the tribeº² of Gad,º and Golanº in Bashanº out of the tribeº² of Manasseh.º 9 These² were² the citiesº appointedº for all² the childrenº of Israel,º and for the strangerº that sojournethºª amongº them, that whosoever² killethºª [any] personº at unawaresº might fleeºª thither,² and not² dieºª by the handº of the avengerºª of blood,º until² he stoodºª beforeº the congregation.º

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