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The Inner Temple

1 Then he abrought me to the Ibnave and measured the cside pillars; six cubits wide on each side [was] the width of the IIside pillar. 2 The width of the entrance [was] ten cubits and the Isides of the entrance [were] five cubits on each side. And he measured IIthe length of the nave, aforty cubits, and the width, atwenty cubits. 3 Then he went Iainside and measured each bside pillar of the doorway, two cubits, and the doorway, six cubits [high]; and the width of the doorway, seven cubits. 4 He measured its length, atwenty cubits, and the width, twenty cubits, before the bnave; and he said to me, “This is the cmost holy [place].”

[1] II.e. the main inner hall IILit tent aEzk 40:2, 3, 17 bEzk 41:21, 23 cEzk 40:9; 41:3
[2] ILit shoulders IILit its length, a1K 6:2, 17; 2Ch 3:3
[3] II.e. of the inner sanctuary aEzk 40:16 bEzk 41:1
[4] a1K 6:20 b1K 6:5 cEx 26:33, 34; 1K 6:16; 7:50; 8:6; 2Ch 5:7; He 9:3-8

5 ¶ Then he measured the wall of the Itemple, six cubits; and the width of the aside chambers, four cubits, all around about the house on every side. 6 aThe side chambers were in three stories, Ione above another, and IIthirty in each story; and IIIthe side chambers bextended to the wall which [stood] on IVtheir inward side all around, that they might be fastened, and not be fastened into the wall of the temple [itself]. 7 The side chambers surrounding the temple were wider at each successive story. Because the astructure surrounding the temple went upward by stages on all sides of the temple, therefore the width of the temple [increased] as it went higher; and thus one went up from the lowest [story] to the highest by way of the Isecond [story]. 8 I saw also that the house had a raised Iplatform all around; the foundations of the side chambers were a full rod of asix IIlong cubits [in height]. 9 The Ithickness of the outer wall of the side chambers [was] five cubits. But the afree space between the side chambers belonging to the temple 10 and the [outer] achambers [was] twenty cubits in width all around the temple on every side. 11 The Idoorways of the IIside chambers toward the afree space [consisted of] one doorway toward the north and another doorway toward the south; and the width of the afree space [was] five cubits all around.

[5] ILit house, and so throughout the ch a1K 6:5; Ezk 41:6-11
[6] ILit chamber upon chamber IILit thirty times IIILit they were coming IVLit the inside of the side chambers a1K 6:5-10 b1K 6:6, 10
[7] ILit middle a1K 6:8
[8] ILit height IIOr to the joint aEzk 40:5
[9] ILit width aEzk 41:11
[10] aEzk 40:17
[11] ILit doorway IILit side chamber aEzk 41:9

12 ¶ The abuilding that [was] in front of the bseparate area at the side toward the west [was] seventy cubits wide; and the wall of the building [was] five cubits Ithick all around, and its length [was] ninety cubits.

[12] ILit wide aEzk 41:13, 15; 42:1 bEzk 41:14; 42:10, 13

13 ¶ Then he measured the temple, a ahundred cubits long; the bseparate area with the cbuilding and its walls [were] also a ahundred cubits long. 14 Also the width of the front of the temple and [that of] the separate Iareas along the east [side totaled] a hundred cubits.

[13] aEzk 40:47 bEzk 41:13-15; 42:1, 10, 13 cEzk 41:12
[14] ILit area

15 ¶ He measured the length of the abuilding Ialong the front of the bseparate area behind it, with a IIcgallery on each side, a hundred cubits; [he] also [measured] the inner nave and the porches of the court. 16 The athresholds, the Iblatticed windows and the IIcgalleries round about their dthree stories, opposite the threshold, were epaneled with wood all around, and [from] the ground to the windows (but the windows were covered), 17 over the entrance, and to the inner house, and on the outside, and on all the wall all around inside and outside, by measurement. 18 It was Icarved with acherubim and bpalm trees; and a palm tree was between cherub and cherub, and every cherub had two faces, 19 a aman’s face toward the palm tree on one side and a young alion’s face toward the palm tree on the other side; they were Icarved on all the house all around. 20 From the ground to above the entrance acherubim and apalm trees were Icarved, as well as [on] the wall of the nave.

[15] ILit to IIOr passageway aEzk 41:12, 13; 42:1 bEzk 41:14; 42:1, 10, 13 cEzk 41:16; 42:3, 5
[16] IOr framed IIOr passageways aIs 6:4; Ezk 10:18; 40:6; 41:25 b1K 6:4; Ezk 40:16, 25; 41:26 cEzk 41:15 dEzk 42:3 e1K 6:15
[18] ILit made a1K 6:29, 32, 35; 7:36; Ezk 41:20, 25 b2Ch 3:5; Ezk 40:16
[19] ILit made aEzk 1:10; 10:14
[20] ILit made aEzk 41:18

21 ¶ The adoorposts of the bnave were square; as for the front of the sanctuary, the appearance of one doorpost was like that of the other. 22 The aaltar [was] of wood, three cubits high and its length two cubits; its corners, its Ibase and its IIsides [were] of wood. And he said to me, “This is the btable that is before the LORD.” 23 The anave and the bsanctuary each had a double cdoor. 24 Each of the doors had two leaves, two Iaswinging leaves; two [leaves] for one door and two leaves for the other. 25 Also there were Icarved on them, on the doors of the nave, acherubim and apalm trees like those Icarved on the walls; and [there was] a IIbthreshold of wood on the front of the porch outside. 26 [There were] Ialatticed windows and bpalm trees on one side and on the other, on the sides of the cporch; thus [were] the dside chambers of the house and the IIthresholds.

[21] a1K 6:33; Ezk 40:9, 14, 16; 41:1 bEzk 41:1
[22] ILit length IILit walls aEx 30:1-3; 1K 6:20; Rv 8:3 bEx 25:23, 30; Lv 24:6; Ezk 23:41; 44:16; Mal 1:7, 12
[23] aEzk 41:1 bEzk 41:4 c1K 6:31-35
[24] IOr turning a1K 6:34
[25] ILit made IIOr canopy of wood over aEzk 41:18 bEzk 41:16
[26] IOr framed IIOr canopies aEzk 41:16 bEzk 40:16 cEzk 40:9, 48 dEzk 41:5

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The measures, parts, chambers, and ornaments of the Temple.

1 ¶ Afterward he brought¬ me to the temple, and measured¬ the posts, six cubits broad on the one side, and six cubits broad on the other side, [which was] the breadth of the tabernacle. 2 And the breadth of the door [was] ten cubits; and the sides of the door [were] five cubits on the one side, and five cubits on the other side: and he measured¬ the length thereof, forty cubits: and the breadth, twenty cubits. 3 Then went¬ he inward, and measured¬ the post of the door, two cubits; and the door, six cubits; and the breadth of the door, seven cubits. 4 So he measured¬ the length thereof, twenty cubits; and the breadth, twenty cubits, before the temple: and he said¬ unto me, This [is] the most holy [place]. 5 After he measured¬ the wall of the house, six cubits; and the breadth of [every] side chamber, four cubits, round about the house on every side. 6 And the side chambers [were] three, one over another, and thirty in order; and they entered¬ into the wall which [was] of the house for the side chambers round about, that they might have hold,¬ but they had not hold¬ in the wall of the house. 7 And [there was] an enlarging,¬ and a winding about¬ still upward to the side chambers: for the winding about of the house went still upward round about the house: therefore the breadth of the house [was still] upward, and so increased¬ [from] the lowest [chamber] to the highest by the midst. 8 I saw¬ also the height of the house round about: the foundations of the side chambers [were] a full reed of six great cubits. 9 The thickness of the wall, which [was] for the side chamber without, [was] five cubits: and [that] which [was] left¬ [was] the place of the side chambers that [were] within. 10 And between the chambers [was] the wideness of twenty cubits round about the house on every side. 11 And the doors of the side chambers [were] toward [the place that was] left,¬ one door toward the north, and another door toward the south: and the breadth of the place that was left¬ [was] five cubits round about. 12 Now the building that [was] before the separate place at the end toward the west [was] seventy cubits broad; and the wall of the building [was] five cubits thick round about, and the length thereof ninety cubits. 13 So he measured¬ the house, an hundred cubits long; and the separate place, and the building, with the walls thereof, an hundred cubits long; 14 Also the breadth of the face of the house, and of the separate place toward the east, an hundred cubits. 15 And he measured¬ the length of the building over against the separate place which [was] behind it, and the galleries thereof on the one side and on the other side, an hundred cubits, with the inner temple, and the porches of the court; 16 The door posts, and the narrow¬ windows, and the galleries round about on their three stories, over against the door, cieled with wood round about, and from the ground up to the windows, and the windows [were] covered;¬ 17 To that above the door, even unto the inner house, and without, and by all the wall round about within and without, by measure. 18 And [it was] made¬ with cherubims and palm trees, so that a palm tree [was] between a cherub and a cherub; and [every] cherub had two faces; 19 So that the face of a man [was] toward the palm tree on the one side, and the face of a young lion toward the palm tree on the other side: [it was] made¬ through all the house round about. 20 From the ground unto above the door [were] cherubims and palm trees made,¬ and [on] the wall of the temple. 21 The posts of the temple [were] squared,¬ [and] the face of the sanctuary; the appearance [of the one] as the appearance [of the other]. 22 The altar of wood [was] three cubits high, and the length thereof two cubits; and the corners thereof, and the length thereof, and the walls thereof, [were] of wood: and he said¬ unto me, This [is] the table that [is] before the LORD. 23 And the temple and the sanctuary had two doors. 24 And the doors had two leaves [apiece], two turning¬ leaves; two [leaves] for the one door, and two leaves for the other [door]. 25 And [there were] made¬ on them, on the doors of the temple, cherubims and palm trees, like as [were] made¬ upon the walls; and [there were] thick planks upon the face of the porch without. 26 And [there were] narrow¬ windows and palm trees on the one side and on the other side, on the sides of the porch, and [upon] the side chambers of the house, and thick planks.

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